Wake Up, Sweetheart...
     Remembering Who You Are      

with Jill Shinn

This Website is dedicated to helping you move forward on your unique path of spiritual awakening and transformation. Here, you'll find various resources that will support you in healing and integrating the spiritual and psychological aspects of your life, tuning into your unique inner guidance, and fully living and thriving in your higher purpose.
Jill's Book,  Remembering Who You Are: A 
Guide to Spiritual Awakening and Inner Peace: 
"In clear, concise language, Shinn explores the essentials of metaphysical awakening. She has a unique ability to take a complex subject an make it not only accessible, but illuminating. Remembering WhoYou Are is a book or beginners an advanced seekers alike."

-Z Egloff, author of Verge

Jill's Blog is a series of articles or lessons designed to help you with specific fundamental issues associated wth the process of spiritual awakening. Subjects range from working with addictions, body issues, etc., to learning energywork practices and how to tap into your highest inner guidance. Please check in every week for the latest blog article. Click here to read this week's post:
You are the 
person you've 
been waiting for...

​Life Purpose/Transformation Coaching
Jill is a trained True Purpose™ Coach who offers in-person, telephone, and skype consultations & purpose coaching packages for adults who are ready to transform their lives. With focused individual support and deep insight, Jill will help you connect with your trustworthy inner guidance that already knows what you came here to do and exactly how to go about successfully manifesting it in your life. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please provide your contact information below.